How to Install Sage X3 on a single Windows Server

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This may sound a bit redundant and repetitive, but you would be surprised if I told you how many times I hear this enquiry from partners and, more often than not, customers on how to perform an installation of Sage X3 on a single server. Besides, Sage X3 is an evolving product and so do its underlying components and prerequisites, so no matter how experienced one is, her knowledge on installing a past release of Sage X3 would not necessarily mean she can install the latest version like a breeze. So I thought of making this tutorial on how to install Sage X3 V12 2023R1 on a Windows server machine. In future videos, I will cover more advanced architectures and platform choices.

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Mon Apr 29, 2024 1:39 pm

It's great that you're sharing a tutorial on how to install Sage X3 V12 2023R1!

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Installing Sage X3 on a single Windows Server can be tricky, especially with the evolving nature of the product.
For those still looking for info, I suggest following along with this tutorial and exploring more advanced architectures and platform choices in future videos.
Additionally, if you're looking for a reliable hosting solution, dedicated server hosting could be a good option. It can offer better performance and scalability. Check out for more details.

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If you're still seeking more information, I recommend watching this course through to the end and watching future videos to go into more complex structures and platform selections.
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To install Sage X3 on a single Windows Server, first ensure all prerequisites like the appropriate Windows Server version, database (SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL), IIS, JDK, and .NET Framework are in place, then run the Sage X3 installer, following the on-screen instructions to configure database connections, web server settings, and complete the installation. After installation, configure Sage X3 settings via its console and verify functionality through the web interface. sell tickets online

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