Club 40 and effects loop / 4CM issues with pedalboard

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I've just recently become a Blackstar owner, this is my first post :D

I used a Fender Super Champ since 2009 and now have a Club 40 (not the Mk II). It's a great amp - love the clean channel and am more than happy with the overdrive, sound and volume.

So the amp on it's own is awesome but, as a gigging guitarist I need some effects. I have a Boss GX-100 (upgraded from the ME-80) as I wanted to investigate 4CM and place the delay after the overdrive in the effects chain and compression before pre-amp etc.

I'm not having much fun :cry:

I was hoping that there may be other users that can advise? I have used the search but not come across any posts that I can relate to.

When I try the 4CM (using quality cables and I am plugging them in correctly), I can move the effects in the chain no problem but it is apparent that the sound from the amp is affected. Even with no effects live I can tell that the sound is diminished in some way. The clean channel is thin and tinny and the overdrive is definitely diminished, so much so that I can't get a nice breakup. I'm using the -4db setting on both the pedalboard and the amp as per instructions.

If I try to create an overdrive patch, the sound that comes out is like a blown, flapping speaker even on a low setting. Just sounds 'farty' and awful.

When I connect the pedalboard in the effects loop normally (Guitar into pedalboard, mono out into amp and effects loop send/return out of pedalboard into send/return on amp), the overdrive channel doesn't activate - I'm assuming because I need 4CM to bring the pre-amp into the effects chain? Although the sound is better it's still affected and any overdrive patch results in the same woolly, blown speaker type sound as above.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to try please?

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