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Hi all,

Apologies in advance for the noob question. I’ve just returned to playing after a break of about 15 years and, when I left, built in amp effects were much more simple than they are now!

Anyway - I’m hoping someone can help explain how I control the combination of effects on the amp; I understand how the red/green lights work but my question is more about how to control the effects when jumping between effects?

Probably easier if I give an example;

So if I set reverb to (for example) setting two on the dial - and level (for example 5) and then I want to add delay on top of that - I’d select the delay button (leaving reverb red) and then dial in the delay I wanted.
So let’s say I set the delay to setting 4 on the dial, and the level to 10. I’m guessing the delay would be 4/10 and the reverb would stay locked at it’s 2/5 setting.

But where I’m confused is what happens if I then went back to adjust the reverb at this point? Because the dials are now 4/10, if I select reverb (making the button green) would the reverb jump straight to that setting in the dials (in this case 4/10) and I’d lose my original 2/5 setting? Or has it stayed on its original 2/5 setting? And if it has stayed the same, how would I know? This query also extends to the tap button too I guess (although I know it doesn’t interact on reverb but does on modulation)

So that’s where I’m getting confused - sorry probably really obvious noob questions but many thanks in advance if anyone can help!


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