S1 104 6L6 - suddenly loose power

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Fri Feb 19, 2021 11:52 am

My Series One 104 6L6 amp seems to be have some problem.
After certain time (approx 0,5-1 hr) it loosse power and only very very quiet sound comes out of speaker. When I turn off completely and when all tubes are cold (aprox 1 hour) it plays normally but after 1/2 hr it loose power again. By my checking when I connect the Send to another active box it seems the preamp is ok. So the problem is in power amp.
I replaced the power tubes with the new set (the same - TAD) but now the amp has the same or similat problem. It seems when the tubes are warmed, after switching off and on the Standby switch, the power does’nt start at all. Then when I turn off the amp, and let the tubes come cold, the amp starts normally and plays until the tubes become warm again.
2. DPR - when playing on 10 W power it sounds quite loud I think as should be. But when I turn the DPR approx on half (...50 W...) and Master volume also on 1/2 it seems to me that the sound is not so loud as I should expect, think in this volume and power it is impossible to play and stay 3 meters in front of speaker cab without any problem because think my ears shoud explode in this volume...
Do somebody have some sugestions abt this ?

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