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Hi, can anyone clarify this for me. The handbook for all the Blackstar pedals says 22V DC 1.1 to 1.5 Amps. I could have sworn I read somewhere it was AC. Then I read a post in the Effects Pedal forum where someone said it was AC. So I checked the adaptor that came with my HT-Drive and it says 240v 85 mA AC in and a step down to 16v 800 mA out into the pedal. I've double checked the manual for the HT-Drive just now and confrmd it says 22V DC 1.1 Amps. Are the manuals wrong? Has it been changed? Are there now AC and DC versions?

http://www.blackstaramps.co.uk/pdf/hand ... ndbook.pdf

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The newer pedals have been changed to a 22 volt DC supply. I have an HT Dual manufactured in Dec 2010 and it is 22 volt DC 1.1 amp.
The good news is that it's now possible to power the pedal using a laptop supply ( I found one that supplies 21 volt DC) and this totally removes hum even at highest settings :-)

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I have a first year HT Dual myself. I am looking for a back-up power supply for my unit. Has anyone found anything that will replace these? I'm assuming BLACKSTAR doesn't sell power supplies separately.
I hope someone steps up & makes something that can run 2 or 3 BLACKSTAR pedals at once. We're seeing some companies offering this for EVENTIDE pedals, but it's a slow go for other juice hungry pedals. Someone needs to specifically address juice requirements for BLACKSTAR pedals & multiple pedals at that. I found a UK dealer that has a replacement for mine but the shipping to the US is over $30!, making the supply over $50 US.

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is there difference in sound between the 22V and the 16V version?

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sonicbands dot com has a 21V AC power supply for Blackstar pedals.
I can't post a link yet (newb) but I was wondering if the power supply @ the above mentioned site is "too much" to use with a first year HT DUAL?
I would 'guess' that a 21V AC 800 ma power supply it would work for my older HT DUAL; whereas, my 16V AC power supply would not power a newer pedal.
Would this be a correct? Jeepers, this power stuff confuses me. :(

My HT DUAL owner's manual says under "DC Inlet" section:
"For the input of the 22V DC / 1.1A adapter supplied."

And under "Technical Specification" it says:
Power: 22V DC
Maximum Current Draw: 1.1A

How does that relate to the pedal itself which has written on it:
"16V AC" then "0.8A" (which is printed by the power plug input.)

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There is a guy in the US who sells custom built power supplies on ebay. I've been in contact with him & he can build a power supply for the HT pedals. What he offers is very pedalboard friendly,
not the proprietary big bundle of mess & weight that comes stock with the HT pedals. Check him out. His ebay id is joseph2442. Here's a current auction.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... ink:top:en

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Hello. Not long ago i bought an original 16 Vac. Not very expencive either.........

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Need to purchase adaptor...two of my Blackstar pedals adapter is faulty now...Blackstar support doesnt seems to responds to emails...

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Mine died about 6 months ago or longer maybe. I've been using an SKB powered pedal board @ 9VAC, and starving the pedal since it's rated for 16VAC. I have emailed Korg and got a reply about them. Blackstar support asked me to contact a dealer, which is Sam Ash for me, about 1 hour drive and I had to show up in person to place the order. Since I got a recent reply from Korg about my inquiry, they referred me to just go online here to get the correct adaptor. "http: // www . partsisparts . net/" (this forum won't let me post external links for 7 days upon registration so that's why the URL is not a clickable link, just put it together.

Believe me, I've been in search for these for a long, long time and finally placed an order through that website. The stock both the 22v DC and the 16VAC.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately that site doesn't seem to stock it any longer. After much consideration I just ordered a Peavey 16.5 Volt Power Supply II, which I gather is 16.5V, 1000mA. I'm hoping it will work. It's due to arrive in three days, so I'll report back.

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