Help! HT DUAL PEDAL died,LED flashing

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Help! HT DUAL PEDAL died,LED flashing

I have two Blackstar HT DUAL pedals,one is good,and another is bad.I bought the bad one online.
The problem is ,when I plug the AC Power, the LED (under the 12AX7) TUBE will be flashing on and off, after seconds ,then the two LEDS (Red and Green ) star to flash too.
I wonder how to fix it. I saw a few people got the same problems,their HT-DELAY or HT-METAL or HT-DISTX got the same problem ,but none of them got any solution,I think those people are waiting for some kind of method to fix them.
For warning,when you open the HT pedals, take care of yourself ,or you fingers will be hurt by high volt.
I sugest you when you are going to open the pedals,make sure of that you ac power is plug off,and after you plug off the power, please wait for about half an hour,then open it.
I hurt myself ,so I don't want this happen to other people.

How to fix it ? Why the LEDs flash? The tube is fine,I don't know where the problem is
if anyone know the Email of BLACKSTAR 's engineer?

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The Blackstar technical support line is on 01640 817815 and their email is but I think I can tell you what they will say, "take it to a qualified tech to be fixed".

Assuming you have a working power supply which would seem to be the case then there is nothing that you would be able to correct without having access to up to date repair equipment and the know how to be able to use it properly. These devices have 300V inside them and that bites you badly if you are at all clumsy! I sympathise as it is often the case that you would like to fix things yourself but you can't get the info to be able to know where to start, however the manufacturers are really trying to prevent you harming yourself or making the fault worse. Some people do have the correct background to do a fix but how would Blackstar know those from the others with no experience at all?

I would really suggest you take it to a tech just to have him look at it and tell you whether it is a cheap fix. It may only need a new valve fitted which is in itself not an easy job with these pedals. Have a look here to see how much is inside them:

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