My ht1 rig.

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Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:35 pm

Hi everyone. I want to go over my rig with some advice.
Its fairly simple:
Epiphone casino, crybaby wah, ts808 tube screamer, digitech obscura delay then the ht1r amp.
Here's the dilema thats bugging me:
On the amp I like the clean channel but I set the gain and volume at the point of breaking up (the so called sweet spot).
In this setting does it really make much of a difference if the delay is before the amp. The classic teaching is to have it in the effects loop but there isn't one. In my case I'm not using the amps dirty channel but the valve s are breaking up a bit in the sweet spot.
As a neurotic its bugging me. Do I get my amp engineered to include a loop or does it not make much difference in this setting?

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Mon Feb 12, 2024 6:13 pm

Noise shows up about 10-15 seconds in. Goes away sometimes but almost always there vidmate. Was fine for 2 years.

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Tue Jun 04, 2024 10:55 am

I don't worry too much about that because it goes gone when the car warms up. io games

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