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Mon Apr 13, 2020 7:44 pm

I'm having trouble with my USB output.

(* I have been playing around recording in garage band, audacity, and studio one)

When I set the output to emulated stereo everything is fine. I can record - the level sound great.
When I set the output to wet on L - dry on R (mono emulated/clean recording) the emulated channel is blown out. I have changed not setting on the amp. I'm using the Amp preset classic british clean.

With studio one I was able to clean it up a bit -- but it was still clipping and blown out. The only setting I changed was from "stereo emulated recording" to "mono emulated/clean recording"...

Is this a known issue on the ID:Series? Am I missing some black magic to clean up the emulated mono channel?

It isn't even a nice sounding breakup. It's just plain old digital clipping when the USB runs out of bits to carry the signal.


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