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Tue May 10, 2022 1:50 pm

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to the forum(only registered yesterday)and thought i'd give my thoughts on the 100 head that i've recently acquired and only had for a few days. Just to put you all in the picture i've owned and played a few class leading high gain amp heads including Engl Powerball(both versions) Mesa Dual Rectifier and Marshall JVM 410 and I got tired of lugging them to rehearsals, venues, gigs etc so decided to have a look at the Blackstar ID TVP 100 head. I liked it because although it was a solid state amp it kept the asthetics of a tube head, plus it was lightweight.I'd checked all the you tube videos of it and liked what I saw and heard. So I committed to getting it having never played one. When I did get it home and connected it to my 4x12 Marshall cab...Wow! what an amp..this thing slays through a decent 4x12, why i've never considered Blackstar before i'll never know, the TVP, the effects, the voicings..and loud! certainly as good as if not better sounding than some of those valve amps i've mentioned. This amp will now be my go to amp for rehearsals gigs and practising at home.. I also have a Boss Katana mkii head and I thought that was good until I played this..If your considering one of these ID TVP heads you won't be disappointed..

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