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THE NEW CLASSIC. Artist Series amplifiers.
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Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:05 am

I bought one about 2 weeks ago. So far so good. I plan on retubing mine and properly setting the bias which is probably set cold from the factory now. I also believe I will be doing speaker swap sometime soon. I have a WGS ET65 and Retro 30 I've got laying around the shop I'm going to test out.

As is I really like mine. I usually run my volume around 1/3-1/2 most of the time. I'm lucky I live in a place where I can play as loud as I want most of the time. It is most definitely a pedal platform. I think it sounds good stock but I think there is a lot of potential hidden in there too. ... ture=share ... ture=share

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Just picked up an Artist 30 it home and was LOVING it. That is, until the dreading "popping and crackling" started on the clean channel. Swapped out the preamp AND power tubes...was better for maybe 30 minutes and then it started back up. Not a good experience with my first Blackstar product, and now I'm reading about poor customer service and slow response time. Hope I can get this sorted out. and not regret getting involved with Blackstar.

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Hope you got your amp all figured out. I have been using Blackstar for a few years now without problems. I hate hearing people struggle with and amp that sounds so good.

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I have tge 15 but my fried had the 30 he loved the amp and it’s for sure according to him the best pedal platform on the market . He did get rid though . He said he felt like it was nailed to the floor

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