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Hi Everyone,

couple of days ago I purchased an ID:Core BEAM and I installed Insider 1.7.8 on my Mac to update the firmware to the latest version. Insider seems to work correctly; the amp is correctly detected, settings changed in Insider are also applied on the amp and turning some knobs on the amp updates Insider.

The problem I have is within the settings in Insider. Next to "Amp model" I get "Amp settings read failure" and "Amp firmware" v0.0. (see attached screenshot). Also changing the settings "O/D Noise gate" for instance does not seem to have any effect.
Amp settings.jpg
Amp settings.jpg (57.29 KiB) Viewed 12808 times
I have tried with Insider on a Windows PC and I get exactly the same situation. Everything seems to work and the amp is detected except in the settings, where the amp is not recognized, no version and no effect when changing the noise gate.

Any clue? I have already re-installed Insider, Silverlight, etc... I'd really like to have this fixed as I find the noise gate far too agressive when using the OD settings.

Thanks a bunch!

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