Fly 3 Extension Cabinet connection cord broke already

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Sun Sep 18, 2022 5:39 pm

I have one of the original Fly 3 amps that I bought a couple years ago. I wanted the extra power because I like to play as clean as possible and the 3 watts of the amp itself just wasn't loud enough. So I bought the extension cab. However when I noticed that the connecting cord was permanently affixed to the cab I started wondering what would happen if it got damaged as there didn't see to be a way to replace the cord.

So a couple of days ago I went to use the cab and I noticed that part of the plastic snap-in end had broken off so it is very hard for me to make a connection.

I don't know why Blackstar made the cord this way that you can't replace it with a standard speaker connecting cord or even buy a replacement one from Blackstar. My options are to either buy another cab (which I won't because of the cost and the possibility the next one also may fail) or not just it at all, which makes using the Fly 3 itself virtually useless because as I said it is just not powerful enough for the style of music I like to play.

I would hope that Blackstar in the future offer a replacement cord or redesign it to accept some kind of regularly available connecting cord.

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