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Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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I am new to Blackstar amps. Back in November 2020, I got a HT Club 50 MkII head and a 2x12 cab. I love the tones I can get out of this thing. This is the first amp I've owned with an FX loop, and I'm enjoying that as well. I play mostly classic rock and some blues. I have a few strats, Gibson SG, and an Ibanez AZ-224F.

One source of frustration is that I bought an FS-14 footswitch along with the amp. It didn't work. The local guitar store got a replacement switch (after a couple of months), and that one didn't work either. I have to say that the supplier/representative for Blackstar in Canada is really lacking. I had expected better customer service. I've had the amp for four months, and I would really like to have a functioning FS-14 to go along with it.


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what is the fault, what does it not do, can you be more specific, i would take it your local guitar tech amp repairs or similar and get a quote, may be cheap to fix.

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The switch does not work at all. No LED lights, no function. I've tested the jack on my amp and there is voltage there. So, I am pretty sure the problem isn't with the amp. I have been working with the local guitar store from which I originally bought it. No satisfaction there. They've given me the contact information for the person who represents Blackstar in Canada. No resolution there. He said he would look into it (a couple of weeks ago). No communication since then.

From what I've been able to google -- at one point Blackstar had produced a bunch of bad FS-14s. I got two them. All I want is a working FS-14 footswitch. I don't think a customer should have to put up with 4-5 months of delay to get a replacement for a non-functioning product.

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When encountering problems with a product, it's important to reach out to the manufacturer or their representative for assistance. In this case, since you're experiencing difficulties with the FS-14 footswitch geometry dash, contacting Blackstar directly may be the best course of action. They should be able to provide guidance and support in resolving the issue and ensuring that you have a functioning footswitch to accompany your amp.

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Welcome to the Blackstar amp world! Sorry to hear about the FS-14 footswitch trouble. Customer service can be hit or miss sometimes.

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