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Hi.....recently purchased the studio 20 head...seems great so far...had to send the first one i ordered back to AMS...due to distortion in the clean channel...just got the replacement last really wasnt able to crank it up...due to the hour...also own an ht 5 watt head that i truely was my first tube amp...and i will never go back to solid state...i was happy to find this forum as i had a concern about it being safe to line out of the emulated output to PA or powered speaker...that was cleared up...and is apparently safe to do...the manuel is a little confusing on that point...Have another question maybe someone can help me with...The manuel indicates that the effects loop with the setting on +4dB is for professional equip? I dont get that...but then for effects pedals the setting should be -10 dB...I have generally always set the loop at the +4dB setting for my pedals because it is quieter...the -10 dB setting seems to amplify the volume and make the channel noisy...when there should be pretty much silence it would seem to this is why i stay with the +4dB setting...Anyone have suggestions on this topic?
Thanks...and glad to be here

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