Hi I’m mark and I’m a Blackstar convert

Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Mon Jun 13, 2022 11:30 am

Never fancied a Blackstar I thought they were Marshall’s with a different badge . Bought the Artist 15 ( on a whim ) and now I have 3 . A mk1 HT5 and the Artisan AE-10

Thinking I made a mistake as I wanted the Artisan 10 to put on top of an extension cab but Blackstar do not do me for it . Quite gutted because I’d have thought the 1x12 would be standard size . Do looking for ideas as I really like the amp .

I’m a former Pro guitarist from the cabaret . Rock scene and have played. lol over Europe Asia and the Middle East . Guitar wise I was a LP lover till the 80’s then thanks to Eddie and Alan z Murphy I needed a trem . I now play Shijie Strats ( STE) and Teles ( TLV ) models which I firmly believe are every bit as good as the Suhr I was using before and my Fender USA guitars . For bucker duties on from pickup as I play HSS Strats I have a massively upgraded PRS SE Bernie Marsden . With Schaller bridge Suhr pickups / graphtec bits, Kluson Revolution locking tuners . This guitar is so good I sold my last LP it beat it senseless in everything that matters .

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