HT-5R MkII No Sound

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Thu May 09, 2019 4:38 pm

I have absolutely loved my new HT-5R since February. So much goodness. But after not playing for about 3 weeks, I went to turn it on last week sound. Lights come on, I can switch channels and voices...nothing. Checked cables and everything, back to point of purchase and they checked tubes - still nothing. So, off to the amp tech for warranty service. We'll see how that goes. Hopefully something simple that will be solved once and for all. Pretty bummed to have this happen, as I've seen numerous issues on the earlier amps as well. Mine was built Nov. 2018 I believe.

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Sat Jul 06, 2019 8:22 am

I purchased at Belfield Music on the 8th of may 2019 with a sound loss problem after 8 days of having it.
It then went in for warranty repair. after 2 weeks it came back and was told it was a loose valve not seating properly. I was assured that the problem was fixed. about 5 days later the same problem occured.

The amp went back a second time with the same problem. No sound.
Belfield Music rang regarding the fault and was told that a Brand new one would be sent.
I was told it would take a couple of days.
almost 2 weeks later It finally arrived and I noticed that the amp was not in its original packaging but was told that it was new regardless.
I went to the trouble of carting my cabinet and cables to Belfield Music to clarify that there is no problem with my cab. everything checked out.
We tried the amp at the store and seemed fine except a faint hum believing it may have been the lights in the store causing interference.
I took the amp home and immediately noticed that the hum was from the reverb. The more reverb the louder it became and totally unusable.
In the same afternoon I returned it back to Belfield Music again.
The guys at the store were very helpful and accommodating.
I feel angry that I have been waiting and patiently accepting the warranty protocols but to receive another replacement amp that is also faulty is not acceptable As I do not believe it was Brand new out of the box to begin with.
The other frustrating part is that Belfield Music told me there were no other HT5r H blondes left. So it was either I accept a refund or take the black one.
So considering that I had the amp in my possession for less than 2 weeks in total with numerous 40 min drives to the store and 40 min back returning faulty products I am sure you can understand my frustrations with blackstar.
The store has now given me a black version but not my choice.
It is unfortunate that quality control is lacking somewhat and I would hesitate to recommend Blackstar from My experience.

Not Happy and not acceptable.

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