ID:Core V3 (Architect) Patches Help please

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Sat Aug 28, 2021 4:13 am

I searched forum and found this topic a couple of times.....but no follow up assistance. I had ID:Core earlier version 2 that I foolishly sold. Recently purchased new ID:core but it is V3. Now ALL Insider patches say "PATCH NOT CREATED FOR ID:CORE V3" gives me option to load anyway but none sound right. They also will not save to the amp. As soon as I disconnect amp from my PC the patch is gone. I had some very nice tones with INSIDER and they worked great with my V2 practice amp. I wish I would have just found a good used V2 instead of this new amp. I'm not impressed thus far. Where do we find patches created for V3? Also where has the Blackstar community gone? This forum used to be crowded a few years back???

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Wed Mar 02, 2022 1:26 am

I'm facing the same issue. It seems like either they don't have any patches for ID:Core V3 amps or someone dumped the entire database of the ID:Core V3 line by mistake or something.

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Wed Jun 15, 2022 10:11 am

Yes it is very frustrating .
I don't see any that say they're for the ID core series amps.they all day this is not for your amp.

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Wed Oct 05, 2022 6:13 pm

i get this since the last update

corrupt patch file
error reading patch file :
do you want to delete it?

and no help on here to resolve it.

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Thu Dec 29, 2022 1:16 pm

Still no new update yet??? I am very unsatisfied.
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No help is available for it?

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Tue Jan 02, 2024 6:28 pm

Looks like Blackstar couldnt care less about the users...

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You might consider experimenting with the available patches in Insider That's Not My Neighbor to see if you can find any that sound satisfactory, even if they weren't created specifically for the V3 model. Don't hesitate to continue seeking assistance and support from the Blackstar community – there may still be knowledgeable users out there who can offer advice and assistance.

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