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Mon Apr 19, 2021 1:16 am

Hi everyone.

I did a search a half-dozen different ways and didn't find anything. I have an V2 40.
It's less than two years old but very rarely used since the pandemic because it was mainly for
open mics around town. My HT Club 40 is my go-to guy.
Anyway, I started using it the other day again, prepping for my first excursion back into the world
and last night, the volume would fade out and back in. Randomly, but at quick intervals.
About every ten seconds or so. It does it whether I am using a preset or not. Just to make sure it
was the amp I unplugged and played through the other amp. It's definitely the IDCore.

Any idea what would do this? I love the amp and the versatility, but I'll be really disappointed if it's
already un-repairable after less than 100 hours of use.


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